Here’s how it’s been going!

I’ve started work on SG again. I stream at least once a week over at Tigerdile: https://www.tigerdile.com/stream/wes-draws/ subscribe to be notified by email! I also tweet when I stream, because it’s fun to have people watch, and talk with them.

I’m changing my update schedule to Friday, because now that my off days are Wed/Thursday I’ll want to get the newer comics out quickly!

In sad news, my cat, Vinnie, passed away, so you’ll no longer hear her purring or screaming on stream. She had a good life.

I’m HOPING to have a regular update schedule, with the help of streaming. So, if you want to see more SG, stop by! You also might have a say in the comic, such as the fennic here, her name is Amanda, something we decided in stream!

This comic is dedicated to my cat, Vinnie. Here’s to you, Meowmer.