So, I know it’s been a long time already, but, I’m back to updating again, and I think I’ve got a great system for doing this.

Also, Meet Goth Girl, who has no name yet. She’ll be one to watch, as she’ll be important later. She was a lot of fun to design, and, well, she’s rather adorable, at least I think so myself.

I’ve also been doing streams, so if you want to get a preview of the next week’s (Or weeks after that!) panels, come drop by! You’ll have to watch my twitter, or my FA account, or, my new Weasyl account that I’m actively using:

Anyway, glad to be back, glad the recent WP update didn’t destroy anything, and that the new jetpack update still allows for the twitter dooda.

Now! To find a link to a streaming thing that’ll look nice on the SG site, then you can check back here for it! Yay!