Two weeks in a row, I feel awesome!!

I have to admit, one of the things I like most about getting inks back from my inker is that she adds some goofy things to another layer in Photoshop every so often. I really get a kick out of seeing what she’s done to the image. The last one included a mustache and goatee for Wes, and a thought bubble that said “I kind of want her purse…” and that made me giggle more than it should have.

Ah, yes, the page is larger today. Some of the feedback I’ve gotten the most out of is that I should upload full ‘pages’ rather than the halves that I do. I’ve started re-working the pages so that they are full, rather than sections of four panels, because doing eight panels a week is seriously a lot of work. I DO have some eight panel pages left, but pages should be following this format soon.

Hope you like!