Imagine your surprise when you logged into your RSS feed and saw that I’ve updated!

Yeah, my surprise too!

I’ve tried to set more time aside to work on my comic. I’ve got an AMAZING job, which is part of the reason that I can settle into a schedule now. I’ll be streaming over on TigerDile: so subscribe to be notified! Wed/Thursday throughout the day, and Sat/Sun after I finish working and get some dinner in me.

I’ll also be tweeting when I stream, so there’s that too! Also, extra benefit, streamers get to see the pages before they’re complete, and they might even have some say in the comic! For example, a Streamer decided that the Fennic fox’s name is Amanda, and it’s stuck!

In sad news, my cat, Vinnie has passed away. This post is dedicated to you, Mewomer!