So, Why ‘Sacred Grounds’?

Sacred Grounds. It’s a coffee shop, and a metaphysical bookstore. The joke of the name, seriously, if I need to explain it…it makes it not funny.

But, I know a Real Sacred Grounds! You got your idea from them, didn’t you?

Really, no, I didn’t. I thought I was really clever when I came up with the name on my own.
So did at least three other companies. There IS a Sacred Grounds in San Francisco, and I have been there. In fact, I’ve updated Sacred Grounds from there!
So, to be honest, I sum it up to ‘Great minds think alike’! I will be going to the other Sacred Grounds some day!

Why did you create the webcomic?

Back in 2005 I actually worked in a coffee shop and a metaphysical bookstore, so, I needed somewhere to vent. My comic is where I choose to do so!

How do you make the comic?

I work in Photoshop, with a Ka-blam publishing full page template, to make future dead tree publishing easier. I use a Cintiq 12wx for my digital work. My characters are done free hand, while backgrounds are usually built. I sketch each panel individually, then ship them off to my Inker, Dani who does the inks for me. She then ships them back and I color the panels, before assembling them into a page. I upload one ‘strip’ at a time, with an average of three to four panels per page. I also created my own font using Your Fonts.

When do you update?

Mondays! Everyone hates Mondays and needs a bit of a boost. I publish automatically at midnight using ComicPress a WordPress theme.

Hey, I like your art! Would you do me a request?

I actually DO take requests, however, the waiting list right now is very long, so I’m not currently taking any new requests. But, keep an eye out for when I may open them again!

Well, if I can’t get a request, can I get a commission?

Commissions are currently Open! I’m unemployed and would love to work with you!

I like your art! Can I trace/sell it as my own?

Please don’t. I work hard to draw my own artwork. It actually does mean a lot to me.

I like your characters! Can I draw them?

I’m glad you like them! Sure you can draw them! I’d love to see it! As soon as I have a fan-art page I’ll upload it there if you show it to me!

Will you put my character in your comic?

Probably not. Having run into problems with people pulling their characters from the comic, as well as me intent on eventually rolling it together into a dead tree format, I won’t be able to accept other people’s characters. I really don’t want to have to re-draw it again!

I have a great idea for your comic! Will you draw it?

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve already got quite a bit written up for my comic, and more than enough to keep me going for now. Same reasons as the previous question. Just about everything in this comic comes from me. This is one of my creative projects, and I’m a little selfish, and don’t want to share!

Wait, what creative projects?

Well, working on a webcomic takes a really long time. However, I also make art dolls of a crittery nature. Currently I have two, one called Trevor, and one named Violet. You can see more of them at Personal Daemons. I also work on comics for sale, as well as art commissions.

I want to link to your comic! Where can I find that info?

I’ve got some images up over on the Links page. The links to my page are down at the very bottom.

What about exchanging links?

I’ll be happy to! Just let me know where you’d like to exchange links to, and drop me a banner. 468X60 for WebComics and 200X40 for artist banners.

Wait a sec…Did you say ‘Dead Tree’?

Oooh, I dunno. Maybe I did…