Hi there!

I’m your friendly artist, and my job is bringing Sacred Grounds to your plate each week.

I was born in September in 1980 in Northern Illinois, I believe that, because of this I am truly a cold weather person. Give me fall, or even winter, and I’m happy.

I’m currently living in Northern California. The Bay area, if you want to get more specific. I actually work customer service for a video game company. I love my job!

I have a cat and a dog. A stray cat who came to me named Vinnie (Vincent). She’s a girl, but I liked the name enough that I wanted to give it to her. It confuses the people at the vet’s office. And a Malamute named Kody. He’s huge, and my baby.

I’m also an avid knitter, and I also work on making One of a Kind Art Dolls, after I was trained by Wendy Froud and the Froud family of Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal.

In 2003, I started working for Peet’s Coffee and Tea as a Barista. I still think that I’m pretty awesome at it! My favorite drink ever is a 20 oz. Soy Chai with 2 Equal. I like things very sweet!

I also worked at a store called Mystic Dream (Then it was called Dolphin Dream). Where I learned to refine my skills in WitchCraft through study and practice.

That’s right, I identify religiously as a Witch. If you want to get into the big labels and whatnot, I am a Hedge/Kitchen/Garden/Green/Hearth/Home/Natural/Eclectic Witch. This pretty much means that I practice my own flavor of WitchCraft, that I’ve found to be most effective for me.

I also try to be extremely positive. While it doesn’t always work for me, I do try. I’ve found that it honestly makes life easier to face the difficulties with a can-do attitude.

So that’s pretty much me. I’m not a complicated person! I’ll probably update this as things change, if they do.

Thanks for reading!