Westly Ehrin Roanoke died on a humid summer night three months before his 19th birthday. Fortunately, he hasn’t let that slow him down.

Legally, Roanoke is Undead American #7123; species ‘Unknown’, and he is registered with the Supernatural Registry. In non-governmental speech, he’s a vampire of an unknown species.

Roanoke is also probably the worst vampire anyone will encounter. Not because he is particularly vicious, but because he’s actually fairly squeamish, and prefers to purchase most of his blood from the supermarket, the pint a month of human blood he requires is also purchased from special blood banks that cater to vampires. Unfortunately, the price on these pints is fairly high, due to a governmental monopoly, which doesn’t leave him with very much money at the end of the month.

Employment is fairly difficult for a vampire to find, as no one really trusts them to work too closely with customers, so Roanoke is quite happy he’s even got a job, and that he’s getting a fair wage. Wolf is happy to employ him, because he works hard, and has no interest in any of the products Sacred Grounds sells. In fact, his favorite drink is A positive, second to that, it’s deer.

Most of his past and home life is a mystery, not because he’s a mysterious person, but because he simply doesn’t want to talk about it. It is known that his hometown is somewhere around Chicago, and he grew up with an older sister named Robin. Roanoke also isn’t too keen on attempting to date, even if he does flirt quite a bit. He lives in a crappy apartment a couple blocks away from Sacred Grounds, and has two vehicles. One World War II Motorbike of dubious functionality (Parts are on order!), and a red Robin Reliant.

All in all, Westly Ehrin Roanoke is a well adjusted member of society, just trying to make a living and live within the rules. That is slightly difficult to do, when you’re actually dead.