So, wonder what I do when I’m not working on my comic? Here’s other stuff that I do!

Any Links with a red border may contain Adult content.

Live Journal – It’s like Facebook, and twitter, with brains. Sometimes.

Fur Affinity – May contain adult content – A furry gallery site.

Deviant Art – Deviant Art, a general art gallery site

PlayFirst, Inc. – One Stop Shopping for all of your Casual Gaming needs!

Your Fonts – The font site that I used to create the font that I use for my comic.

The Mystic Dream – The Metaphysical Bookstore I used to work at.

Peets Coffee & Tea, Inc. – The Coffee house I used to work for, where I was also the Blender of all of their teas.

WordPress – The Awesome free software that brings this blog to you.

ComicPress – The lovely people who bring the Comic Press theme to you. This allows for exceptionally easy updating of webcomics.